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Facial aging is a complicated process involving excess skin, loss and descent of volume. A tailored approach addressing your areas of concern is necessary. The best results often require both surgical and non-surgical treatments in order to achieve a balanced and aesthetic outcome. Our philosophy is one of proactivity, graceful moderation, and tactical preparation.


Face & Neck Lift

The face and neck lift are powerful surgeries aiming to restore balance in the lower face and neck. What was once considered a skin only operation is now a sophisticated, elegant procedure that requires meticulous preoperative analysis, understanding of underlying anatomically based aging changes, and extreme attention to detail.


Neck Liposculpture

Neck liposuction involves calculated removal of unwanted fat deposits beneath the chin, lower face, and neck. This is a useful adjunct to achieving desirable, aesthetic contours of the face while addressing a common area of concern.



Rhinoplasty can dramatically enhance the facial aesthetic by improving the balance and harmony of the entire face. Surgery is tailored with finesse and precision to address individual aesthetic and functional deformities.


Brow Lift

The brow lift addresses rejuvenation of the top third of the face. This procedure is focused on repositioning the eyebrows and removing the unwanted, heavy look. This procedure is designed based on hair patterns to achieve a natural and anatomically desired result, which notably differ in males and females.


Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Blepharoplasty involves excising excess skin and precise removal or transposition of fat to soften the appearance of the upper and lower eyelids.

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Breast Surgery Illustration


Dr. Barton’s philosophy on breast surgery is focused on timeless, functional and beautiful breast outcomes. Because no pair of breasts is the same, and indeed no two breasts are the same, Dr. Barton takes special care to account for the body’s asymmetries, proportions, and movement in order to deliver the best possible result.


Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation involves placing a silicone or saline implant in a precise breast pocket, adding volume, and accentuating the existing breast shape. It is important to know your preferences, such as your ideal breast size and shape, in order to achieve your desired aesthetic.


Breast Reduction

This procedure requires a delicate balance of reducing breast volume while respecting the patient’s body and contour to achieve a beautiful shape.


Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Mastopexy allows repositioning of the nipple and breast tissue to a more youthful position. Removal of excess skin results in visible incisions on the breast and around the nipple/areola (called lollipop or anchor incisions). This procedure may be combined with breast augmentation in order to achieve more volume and inner cleavage, while improving the breast shape and position on the chest wall.


Breast Revision

The breasts and body change over time, and breast implants are not lifetime devices. Replacing breast implants and repositioning breast tissue may be necessary after a period of time. This procedure may also be used to address different deformities associated with the presence of long term breast implants, which may improve the shape and overall appearance of the breasts.

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The body gradually changes over time due to a natural weight variance, massive weight loss, and pregnancy. A tailored approach is used to address loose skin and excess fat which can persist despite targeted exercise and dieting. The goal is to achieve a long-lasting improvement in the body shape and aesthetic contour using a combination of techniques such as skin excision, muscle tightening, and liposculpture.

Close up view on woman with body contouring

Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Abdominoplasty entails removal of excess abdominal skin and fat, tightening of the abdominal muscles, and repositioning the belly button to achieve a feminine waist and  abdominal contour. Liposuction is often added to this procedure to accentuate curves and achieve the desired aesthetic.



This procedure involves a variety of advanced techniques, often used in conjunction with other procedures, to accentuate contour and shape by precise removal of fat.


Arm lift (Brachioplasty)

Brachioplasty involves removal of excess skin and soft tissue to restore the aesthetic contour of the upper arms. This procedure may be combined with liposculpture of the arms and chest wall to achieve better shape.


Thigh Lift

This procedure involves removal of excess skin and soft tissue of the inner thighs to sculpt an aesthetic shape. This procedure may be combined with liposculpture of the inner and outer thighs to achieve the desired result.

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Non-Surgical Illustration


The beauty of plastic surgery is the ability to combine surgical with non-surgical tools for facial rejuvenation. The art of injection is to enhance your natural beauty without appearing too overdone. Cutting-edge lasers, advanced neurotoxin, and filler techniques can be used individually or combined to refine facial aesthetics and address facial asymmetries. Dr. Barton’s philosophy is centered on graceful profiles, symmetry, and healthy skin.


Neurotoxin (Botox)

Strategic injection of neurotoxin (Botox® Cosmetic) is used to improve facial asymmetry and soften the appearance of existing wrinkles. This is a powerful tool for prevention of visible wrinkles and formation of creases.


Hyaluronic Acid Filler

Precise injection of hyaluronic acid filler allows restoration of volume in areas with natural loss or descent of soft tissue. Hand rejuvenation is also performed to restore youthful volume to the back of the hand.



Sciton® laser is a multimodal, light-based device with capability of improving skin texture, tone, and pigment with minimal downtime.

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Skin Care Illustration


Skin health is the most essential component for everyday beauty and the perfect primer for graceful aging. Uniform, toned and glowing skin is achievable with consistent, tailored skin care with application of clinically proven medical-grade products. Dr. Barton trained and received Certification with world-renowned skin health expert, Dr. Zein Obagi. Dr. Barton believes in Dr. Obagi’s philosophy of optimizing skin health with a targeted approach to restore vitality. It is essential to optimize skin health prior to undergoing any surgical or nonsurgical rejuvenation including chemical peels and laser therapy to have the best possible result.


ZO Stimulation Peel

The “Lunchtime Peel” is a combination of fruit and chemical extracts that may be applied to the face and décolletage areas with no downtime. This will accelerate your skin’s ability to get rid of the top layer of skin, improve skin congestion, and eliminate surface inflammation. This peel will also improve the penetration of your skin care products so they are more effective with application.


ZO 3-Step Peel

This peel uses a blend of TCA and high potency retinol, acting to provide a nice exfoliation of the top layer of skin and stimulate repair of damaged cells. This peel will leave skin smoother, firmer, and much more vibrant with minimal downtime.


ZO Controlled Depth Peel

The “Blue Peel” is a higher concentration TCA peel, which allows for deeper penetration of acid and repair of damaged cells. This treatment targets skin irregularities, pigment, texture, and skin tightening.

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